Patent protection for artificial intelligence (AI) software

Page White and Farrer has a team of patent attorneys dedicated to the protection of software, including artificial intelligence applications

Our experience over many years in the software industry has provided us with expertise to handle the many challenges posed by patent offices throughout the world in protecting AI innovation.  This is important because trade secret and copyright protection, while important, have serious limitations.

We have obtained protection for (among vastly many other things!) algorithms that are providing a real-world effect, user interfaces including conversational interfaces, computer architectures and many different types of software from programs running technical applications to compiling and programming techniques.

We work with companies and their directors who are seeking to build shareholder value via their intellectual property portfolio, often with a view to seeking VC funding, sale or listing on a stock exchange.

Part of our unique approach involves working with the technical and business teams to help them understand market sectors and commercial use cases which may be protected, as well as the underlying technology, to ensure the resulting portfolio provides real, visible value. This is particularly important where many AI inventions can seem ‘invisible’, because the technology is highly embedded.

Artificial intelligence also raises the intriguing question of how to handle the IP in an innovation which arises as a result of AI programs.


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