Sarah Halpin

Technical Assistant


Certificate in Intellectual Property Law
M.Sc. (University of Edinburgh), Artificial Intelligence
B.A. Hons. (Trinity College Dublin), Theoretical Physics

About Sarah

Sarah joined us in 2019 with a master’s degree in artificial intelligence from the University of Edinburgh in 2018, and a first-class bachelor’s degree in theoretical physics from Trinity College Dublin in 2017. 


Her masters specialised in natural language processing and cognitive science, while her thesis focused on Bayesian models of confirmation bias in the consumption of online media.


Previously she worked as a data engineer in the financial sector, and she brings her specialist knowledge of AI and advanced mathematics to her work in the trickier high-tech sectors including: 

  • machine learning;
  • image processing;
  • natural language processing;
  • advanced software; and
  • data science.


Sarah has worked with a range of clients, from individual inventors to large corporations on drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the UK, Europe, and the US. 


Since joining the intellectual property profession, she has already gained extensive experience in turning oral invention disclosures of complex software into written descriptive material.

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