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Tom Keeling



European Patent Attorney
Chartered Patent Attorney
M.Sci. Hons. (Nottingham), Physics with Medical Physics

About Tom

Tom has worked in intellectual property since 2013, following completion of a physics degree where he was awarded prizes for his academic performance. Whilst working at Page White Farrer, he has qualified to become both a Chartered Patent Attorney and a European Patent Attorney.


Tom’s degree included a particular focus on medical physics, where he developed an understanding of the operation of a variety of devices used for medical diagnosis, in addition to the various image processing techniques employed for medical diagnosis. While at Page White Farrer, Tom has developed experience representing both SMEs and large established businesses in the fields of telecommunications, network Interface devices, artificial Intelligence, and processor design.


Experience primarily includes the drafting of patent applications and the prosecution of patent applications in a range of international jurisdictions. Tom has particular knowledge and experience of US prosecution.


Tom particularly enjoys handling technically challenging cases in any area of electronics or IT. His areas of particular technical experience include:

  • computer networks;
  • machine learning;
  • medical imaging techniques;
  • processor architecture; and
  • telecommunications.



Electronics and telecoms



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