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Your intellectual property is an extremely valuable business asset, and we'll do our best to protect it. With over 160 years of experience and an impressive breadth of technical knowledge, we can help you identify valuable intellectual property, protect it and enhance its worth.

A winning combination of business acumen and legal expertise

We are one of the leading firms of specialist patent and trade mark attorneys in Europe. We're experienced in all aspects of intellectual property law, and our clients range from multinational companies, to small start-ups and individual inventors.

Each of our practitioners focuses on particular technologies or legal disciplines. This gives you a winning combination of technical knowledge, business acumen and a sound appreciation of the workings of the law.


We'll protect you across the globe

As national boundaries are transcended by new technology, intellectual property has become an increasingly global issue – and an international approach is essential.

Our expertise includes handling intellectual property in all countries, and we enjoy a strong working relationship with highly respected firms throughout the world.


"Reliable, quick and good to work with".

"Top-quality advice."

"Covers various industry sectors for a whole range of clients."

Chambers UK

Bedford House
John Street
London WC1N 2BF

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