IP strategy

A written intellectual property strategy will help ensure that you maximise your return on your investment in IP. It will provide a framework for protecting your brand and your unique selling point, while also avoiding potentially costly conflicts with competitors.

Page White Farrer can assist in developing an IP strategy for your company, linking it with your business plans and long-term objectives.


Our team of intellectual property experts will assist by:

  • explaining the different types of intellectual property, what rights would benefit your company and how they can be obtained;
  • advising on how you can use your IP rights in order to add value to your business, how you can mark them as being registered or copyright works, and how you can avoid your trade marks becoming generic;
  • explaining the option of keeping your intellectual property confidential, as trade secrets, and the roles of any nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements that may be necessary;
  • carrying out searches to check whether you are in breach of existing rights and setting up watching services for others breaching your rights, so that you can be proactive in relation to the IP rights and products and services of your competitors.


Once a strategy is established, it should be reviewed, updated and checked regularly to ensure it is still appropriate. It will help you focus on the most profitable IP, and will ensure that money spent on R&D is not wasted.

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