Learning and development

Our attorneys have such close working relationships with our clients’ in-house teams that we often get involved with learning and development activities for lawyers, IP professionals, academics and engineers.

A starting point is to evaluate the current capacity and capabilities within the team, current processes for IP portfolio management and innovation capture, and any existing resources for case management.


This enables us to develop a learning and development program for a company or university to cover:

  • people – job descriptions and skills development;
  • processes – requirements for know-how transfer; and
  • technology to support your objectives.


If new staff members join, we can assess their needs and incorporate them into the training program. We can also assist in developing job descriptions and the interviewing and selection of new IP staff. Specific activities related to the development of people include:

  • formal training – induction, technical and administrative;
  • work experience at our offices;
  • individual coaching or mentoring of team members and managers.


We regularly help organisations to work according to best practice, adopting processes and precedents to ensure efficiency and manage risk in the department. This is particularly important after a merger or acquisition when it is important to integrate IP portfolios quickly. We can also train in-house teams to understand key reports and to manage the IP deadlines and costs.


Expert witness services

Several of our attorneys also have experience as expert witnesses in IP litigation or have contributed to Government consultations on legislation relating to intellectual property.

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