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One of the unique features of Page White Farrer is our track record in profitably mining potentially patentable inventions via our Innovation Capture Program. This helps teams of engineers, developers and lawyers to have a better understanding of what might be patentable within their business, to implement an ongoing innovation capture and review process, and to manage intellectual property (IP) risk.

An ongoing innovation capture and review process enables an organisation to track all proposals from initial suggestion through to eventual commercialisation. Over time, this facilitates analysis and informs strategic decisions, continuously improving IP commercialisation and creating an innovation culture.


An effective process will usually be driven by regular innovation capture workshops, patent and IP training sessions and management meetings and will always be tailored to the needs and objectives of your business. As part of our personalised approach, we will work with your technical and management teams to develop a bespoke strategy that adds value to your business without becoming a distraction from your day-to-day work.


Training and innovation go hand-in-hand. An effective training program improves awareness of intellectual property assets across the whole company – not just in the IP and legal teams. By giving technical experts the right tools, they will recognise when they are generating patentable IP and are encouraged to come forward with ideas. Those in customer-facing roles can leverage their insights to identify core IP that drives customers to your business over competitors. The programme helps all management to understand the drivers of value in your IP and the importance of a targeted IP strategy.


We have successfully helped numerous companies to develop high-value IP portfolios following this programme, many of which have gone on to realise significant value via company sale or listing on a stock exchange.


We’d love to help you build value through innovation capture in your business.

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