Tue 27th Feb 2024

Funding for novel ideas addressing climate change, environmental protection and net zero delivery

Patent Attorney Sam Judge explains more about how to apply for funding.

The Future Frontiers Fund (FFF) at Cranfield University is a fund available to UK-based SMEs, start-ups, early-stage businesses and individual entrepreneurs, including staff and students from research institutions and the FE/HE sector.


The fund is enabled by a donation from Green Future Investments Ltd (GFIL) and aims to support innovative concepts that can address challenges related to tackling climate change, protecting the environment and delivering a net zero future.


Who should apply

SMEs that can apply to the fund are defined as any organisation that has fewer than 250 employees and a turnover of less than €50 million, or a balance sheet total less than €43 million.


The fund encourages early-stage ideas, with each applicant having the opportunity to secure funding of £10,000 if successful. If the applicant is admitted onto the scheme, the funding may be used for equipment, consumables, travel and subsistence, and sub-contracting costs.


How to apply

Applicants can apply to the fund online, with successful applicants being expected to demonstrate:


  • A novel idea, technology, product or service that addresses the challenges related to tackling climate change, protecting the environment, and delivering a net zero future;
  • That there is potential for significant impact and understanding of how scaling up the project may be achieved in the future;
  • A viable project plan that can deliver within the available time and budget. It is expected projects can last up to six months;
  • Value for money.


When to apply

Applications close on 4 March 2024, with successful teams being expected to be announced in May 2024 and projects expected to start in June 2024. Previous applicants are encouraged to apply again.


Any Intellectual Property that is generated will remain in the possession of the applicant. If the project requires any third-party IP however, applicants must let the fund know prior to receiving funding.


Apply now or contact Sam for a confidential consultation at no charge to support your application.






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