Tue 28th May 2019

BIO International Convention 3-6 June

Dr Clare Stephens and Jeff Daniels, expert life science patent attorneys at Page White and Farrer, will be attending this year’s BIO International Convention in Philadelphia between 3 and 6 June.

BIO International Convention 3-6 June

The theme this year is ‘It starts with one…’ and the convention celebrates the globally important innovations in biotech that start with one: one meeting, one theory, one trial, one breakthrough.


This convention is a great opportunity to discuss intellectual property protection and exploitation in the field of life sciences, including:

  • biofuels and renewable chemicals;
  • digital health;
  • genome editing;
  • next generation biotherapeutics;
  • orphan and rare diseases; and
  • personalised medicine and diagnostics.


For more information on the BIO International Convention and the areas it covers, please click here.


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