Tue 28th Nov 2023

Reflections on the first MedTech Innovation Assembly

Emma Berry reflects on an insightful day at the first UK MedTech Innovation Assembly hosted by Halston Group.

On 2nd November 2023, Page White Farrer were delighted to sponsor the first MedTech Innovation Assembly hosted by Halston Group at Nexus in Leeds. The event included a range of interesting and engaging panels all focused on the opportunities for collaboration and development within the UK MedTech industry.


Virginia Driver from Page White Farrer hosted a panel focusing on THE NEXT FRONTIER FOR AI IN MEDTECH. Virginia presented the distinguished panelists with a range of questions relating to the adoption of AI in the MedTech industry and what barriers are faced by companies trying to get their product into the NHS. There was a particular focus on the need for products to be using the technological infrastructure already within the NHS as well as easily training existing staff members without necessitating substantial additional costs.


The other panels of the day included an interactive panel focusing on MEDTECH ECO-SYSTEM COLLABORATION. After hearing from organizations supporting the growth of the UK MedTech industry, the audience shared their views on what were the main barriers facing collaboration and how these barriers can be overcome by sharing knowledge and best practice.


PWF attended a panel on A PROACTIVE VISION FOR CYBERSECURITY IN MEDTECH which primarily focused on the importance of building online systems with embedded cybersecurity measures from the beginning. With medical data being one of the most valuable data, the consequences of a lack of security were emphasised by some shocking statistics provided by Technical Director at IBM, Martin Borrett.


An INVESTMENT REVERSE PITCH invited representatives from Mercia, Sana Capital, Start Codon and Northern Gritstone to pitch their fund to the audience in this entertaining and informative panel. The group of panelists offered investment advice to MedTech businesses trying to secure funding in the UK by focusing on the importance of knowing your customer.


Another fascinating panel was THE AGE OF AGETECH: UNLOCKING THE POWER OF AGING WELL which focused on prevention methods for premature aging. The panelists discussed a variety of ways to control aging, from using the apps such as SingFit and maintaining human connections; to the importance of having fibre in your diet and a regular exercise routine.


Science parks across the UK were also represented by a range of panelists in an exciting SCIENCE PARK SHOWCASE. In this session, the panel shared how science parks are facilitating business growth through providing lab and office space as well as tailored networking events for local companies within the Med Tech and Health Tech industries.


Georgia Halston chaired the panel on THE OUTLOOK ON MEDTECH REGULATION. The panel kicked off with a KwizzBit quiz in which the audience was given the chance to answer some difficult questions on regulation in the MedTech industry.The panel then focused on device specific regulation requirements and the different routes that are available for different device classes.


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