Thu 23rd Apr 2020

Video: Are you giving away your intellectual property for free?

Patent attorney Virginia Driver recently gave a presentation to the Bruntwood SciTech Wednesday community, looking at how individual innovators can protect their inventions and creations.

She highlighted some of the mistakes which can be made by startup companies who later find they have inadvertently given away their intellectual property for free, outlined the risk for inventors and creators, and described practical steps to protect innovation.


You can watch the full presentation online by clicking here.



The presentation was followed by a Q&A session, and some of the key questions posed by participants included:

  • Does the author have to be a citizen of the UK and physically present in UK in order for Copyright Design Act 1988 to be applicable automatically?
  • Should I be trademarking my logo?
  • Can you patent the use of existing technology in a different context or sector?
  • How expensive is a patent?
  • How expensive is a trademark?
  • How much would the cost be for a patent application?
  • How well will a UK trademark protect on a global market?


Virginia specialises in intellectual property strategy and protection for the software, technology and electronics sectors.


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