Lewis Inchley, Technical Assistant at Page White Farrer

Lewis Inchley

Technical Assistant


Certificate in Intellectual Property Law
B.Sc. Hons. (University of Leeds), Theoretical Physics

About Lewis

Lewis joined Page White Farrer in September 2020 after receiving a 1st class BSc degree in theoretical physics from the University of Leeds. Areas of focus included molecular simulation, bio-nanophysics, quantum mechanics and particle physics, with his final-year dissertation focussing on supersymmetric theory and its likelihood of extending the current standard model of particle physics. Areas of study in mathematics included non-linear dynamics, group theory and curved surface geometry.


Working in the software tech team, Lewis is focussing on data science and user interface technologies, supporting both startups and multinationals. He has excellent attention to detail and a good understanding in leading edge computer related technology. 


Technical areas covered by Lewis include:

  • bio-nanophysics
  • quantum mechanics
  • particle physics
  • data structures and databases
  • software development.


Lewis also has a good working knowledge of French.





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