Mon 9th Jan 2023

CIPA search for ‘inspiring, inclusive, impactful’ inventions to nominate for the Earthshot Prize 2023

The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) have opened their call for applications from innovators, entrepreneurs, start ups or companies with sustainable solutions and inventions worthy of being nominated for the Earthshot Prize 2023.

The organisers of The Earthshot Prize is looking for finalists with solutions that are:

  • Inspiring: sparks the imagination
  • Inclusive: builds inclusion, equity, and benefits for people
  • Impactful: have proven impact with potential to scale


Nominations for 2023 are now open and submissions for nomination by CIPA need to be in by 24 January 2023. CIPA is one of 350 organisations invited to submit nominations for the five Earthshot prizes.


The five Earthshot Prize categories are:

  • Protect and restore nature;
  • Clean our air;
  • Revive our oceans;
  • Build a waste free world; and
  • Fix our climate.

While intellectual property is reviewed alongside numerous other aspects, CIPA is particularly looking for solutions protected by a patent or which have an application pending:

“Nominations must be beyond idea stage, have tested their solution in-field or with target audiences and must be at a ‘tipping point’ for scaling their impact within the next five years. Therefore, the best nominees will likely be close to the end of the patenting process, or already have patents in place.”


The winner of the 2022 Earthshot Prize for the ‘Build a waste-free world’ category, London-based Notpla, was nominated by CIPA. Two other CIPA nominations also reached the finalist’s stage, Low Carbon Materials and LanzaTech.


If you think that you have a solution that is inspiring, inclusive and impactful for which you would like to be nominated by CIPA, please contact patent attorney Kelda Style, who was a CIPA evaluator for the 2022 prize nominations.


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