Mon 19th Sep 2016

Energy and IP minister encourages collaboration between UK and China

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The UK intellectual property minister has returned from a trip to China to reinforce the strength of a collaboration between the UK and China on intellectual property, and to highlight the importance of this collaboration in supporting creativity and innovation in both countries.

The Minster of State for Energy and Intellectual Property, Baroness Neville-Rolfe, recently visited China to reinforce the strength of collaboration between the UK and China on the subject of intellectual property, highlighting the importance of its role of supporting creativity and innovation in both countries.


A number of landmark agreements and initiatives were witnessed on the visit, including:

  • an agreement on intellectual property protection between Tencent, the China Britain Business Council and British Businesses;
  • the launch of a new UK-China film and television toolkit which has been designed to provide guidance for the rapidly growing cross border collaboration;
  • the publication of business guidance on bad-faith trade marks in China;
  • the launch of a factsheet, created in conjunction with CIPA and ITMA, to support Chinese companies with overseas intellectual property protection; and
  • the co-hosting of the third UK-China IP Symposium and the UK-China Trade Mark Summit, focusing on the relationship between brands, intellectual property and economic growth.

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