Dominic Weston, Page White and Farrer

Dominic Weston

Senior Associate


European Patent Attorney
Chartered Patent Attorney
Registered Representative before the Unified Patent Court (UPC)
Intellectual Property Litigation Certificate
M.Sci. Hons. (Durham), Physics and Chemistry

About Dominic

Dominic has worked in intellectual property since 2014, having joined the profession with a master’s degree in physics and chemistry from Durham University. While working at Page White Farrer, Dominic has qualified to become a European Patent Attorney and Chartered Patent Attorney.


Dominic has worked with a variety of clients, from large multinational corporations to individual inventors and SMEs.  As such, Dominic is able to provide advice tailored to the differing levels of intellectual property experience that different clients may have.


Primarily handling patent applications in the UK and Europe, Dominic has experience of drafting and prosecuting patent applications, and of assisting clients in the management and development of patent portfolios.  Dominic is also experienced in assisting foreign patent attorneys to navigate through patent prosecution in the UK and Europe while working to secure valuable patent protection for their clients and helping them to deal with the unique issues raised by UK and European patent law.  


Dominic has also developed particular expertise in preparing, filing and advising on registered designs for protecting the appearance of a product.


As well as the UK and Europe, Dominic’s work also extends to other jurisdictions such as: the US; China; Japan; Australia; Canada; India; Eurasia; Brazil and the UAE.


Dominic works in a range of technologies including:


  • telecommunications;
  • machine learning and artificial intelligence;
  • audio and video coding;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • software;
  • printing technology; and
  • marine and automotive transportation.

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