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David Williams



European Patent Attorney
Chartered Patent Attorney
Registered Representative before the Unified Patent Court (UPC)
Intellectual Property Litigation Certificate
B.Eng. Hons. (Bradford), Electrical and Electronic Engineering

About David

David is a qualified European Patent Attorney, Chartered Patent Attorney, and European Design Attorney with a degree in electrical and electronic engineering specialising in electronics and software technologies. He is a Chartered Engineer, a member of the IET and a senior member of the IEEE.


His clients operate in a variety of technical areas, specifically in space and satellite technologies, telecoms, microelectronics, mobile technologies (handset and infrastructure), computing and IT (processing, memory, networking), semiconductors, integrated circuits, processor architecture, streaming services, AI, e-commerce, and business methods. He advises clients from individuals, through startups, SMEs and multinational corporations.


David handles patent applications in Europe, including prosecuting patent applications and advising on enforcement and infringement issues in Europe. He also assists in the management and development of worldwide patent portfolios, including working with them on patent creation or innovation capture exercises, developing and policing IP portfolios.


Prior to entering the patent profession, David worked as a design engineer. He also worked in-house as a patent attorney, so has an in-depth understanding from a client’s perspective of difficulties and commercial objectives.


David explains his approach as ‘I seek to frame all the advice I provide and my work around a clear understanding of the client’s commercial objectives, and how I can add value to help them achieve those objectives. Getting to know my clients is an important part of my work.’

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