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Virginia Driver



European Patent Attorney
Chartered Patent Attorney
Registered Trade Mark Attorney
B.A. Hons. (Oxford), Engineering Science

About Virginia

Virginia qualified as European Patent Attorney, Chartered Patent Attorney, European Trade Mark Attorney and Registered Trade Mark Attorney. She joined the intellectual property profession over 20 years ago, with a degree in engineering science from Oxford.


Over the years she has registered thousands of patents in a wide variety of scientific fields. Her clients come from a range of technical industries such as audio and video coding, computer architecture and applications, signal processing, visible light communications, network protocols, and user interfaces, telecommunications and e-commerce. Increasingly, the technologies are extending into data science: fintech, big data etc.


In recent years, her practice has extended to designing and building patent portfolios as a business asset for companies. As outside counsel she has been responsible for the development and growth of a number of high profile portfolios, since acquired by major companies at significant values. Alignment of IP with business strategy played a key part in building the value of each portfolio.


Virginia's professional experience covers opinion work, portfolio management and competitor surveillance, as well as written and oral representation in opposition and appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office.


A large part of her work is international - she drafts applications which can suit the USPTO, and she has a great deal of experience in extending software inventions filed in the US into Europe and other jurisdictions where ‘technical character’ is the byword for patentability.


Virginia's particular expertise includes:

  • apps;
  • business methods;
  • computing hardware and software;
  • data science;
  • e-commerce;
  • electronics and electrical engineering;
  • online games;
  • information technology;
  • networking technology;
  • processor architecture;
  • semiconductors;
  • telecommunications;
  • video; and
  • wireless.


Virginia has been called on by the British Government in regard to consultations relating to patent law on:

  • consulting to the Intellectual Property Director at the European Commission on the debate over copyright versus patents for software cases;
  • Intellectual Property Bill in 2013 (UK); and
  • grace periods in UK Patent Law 2009/10.


A regular speaker at IP conferences, Virginia can also be found on YouTube explaining the benefits of IP protection. You can watch the video here.


In 2020, Virginia contributed to the intellectual property chapter of The Law of Artificial Intelligence, published by Sweet and Maxwell and available to order here


Managing IP named Virginia one of the top 250 women in IP globally in 2023.

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