IP Portfolio management

We can help with all aspects of portfolio management – from creating a portfolio from scratch and managing it as it grows, to offering advice and management of existing portfolios, and even providing one-off services as you need them.

If you don't yet have a patent portfolio, we can hold a sequence of workshops within your organisation to identify potential patents. From that we can create an invention capture map, and turn this into patent applications and the beginning of a profitable portfolio.

We map any inventions or technology we identify onto the business focus of your company to make sure that your efforts are aligned with what you want to achieve, both financially and commercially.

We also conduct internal training programmes, ensuring your employees have the skills and knowledge to manage your inventions on an ongoing basis.

Many of our clients were unaware of the value of their intellectual property when they first approached us, and a number of them were even surprised to discover the financial and business benefits of identifying and protecting their intellectual property rights through patents.

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