Patent protection

Patents are a valuable tool that can be used to stop competitors from making a product or using a process that you have invented. They provide a period of protection which enables you to obtain a return on your investment in research and development. This can add significantly to the value of a company, which is why the world’s leading companies invest heavily in the development of patent portfolios.

To obtain patent protection in a particular country or region you will need to file a patent application with the local patent office.  The application should describe what is new and innovative about your invention, and how it works.  A successful application for a patent requires particular legal and technical skills in drafting the application.

If protection is required in more than one territory, a patent application must be filed in each of those territories. Our patent attorneys work with some of the world’s leading companies to protect their innovations around the world, and have up-to-date legal knowledge of applying for a patent overseas.

Patent prosecution is the process of obtaining a patent through a national or regional patent office.  Our patent attorneys in London and Munich can represent you directly before the UK Intellectual Property Office, the German Patent Office and before the European Patent Office, or work with overseas associates, to obtain protection in other countries.

In the nine months following the grant of a European patent by the European Patent Office, the patent is open to opposition by third parties. We can oppose a patent on your behalf, act to defend your patent from an opposition, or appeal an unfavourable decision by the EPO

Before you launch a new product, or start the process of applying for a patent, it often makes sense to carry out a patent search to ensure that your invention is new. You may also wish to conduct freedom to operate searches to check whether your commercial activities (in particular in relation to a new invention) will not infringe somebody else’s patent.  We can help you by providing an initial opinion on the potential patentability of your invention or on the potential infringement and validity of somebody else’s patent.

Our patent watching service allows you to keep an eye on other companies’ patent rights.  This is an important element of an effective intellectual property strategy, and can provide an invaluable insight into the direction in which a competitor is heading.

In the event that a dispute arises with one of your competitors, over the infringement of a patent, we can help with a range of dispute resolution techniques including litigation if required. 

How our patent attorneys can help

Our highly experienced and technically skilled patent attorneys, in London and Munich, have helped some of the leading companies in the world to protect their inventions and develop their patent portfolios, providing advice and support with:

Applying for patent protection

Opposition and appeals before the EPO

Patent portfolio management

Free initial consultation

Our patent attorneys offer a free initial consultation to anyone who is interested in using our services.

To arrange an initial consultation, telephone:

London:  00 +44 (0)20 7831 7929

Munich:  00 +49 (0)89 5150 5800

Or click here to request a call back from one of our patent attorneys.


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